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Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight Upland Shotgun

Ithaca Gun is proud to introduce the new Model 37® Featherlight® with Ladies Stock. The gun features a unique drop of comb, drop of heel, cast pitch, and toe out. Since this stock is designed for women shooters, the ergonomics make it comfortable and well fitting for women. It is available in 20 gauge only.

The Ladies Stock project began in December 2008 from a simple conversation with a firearm instructor who was disappointed that no manufacture offered an off the shelf firearm that would fit the average woman. We took this as a challenge and set out to build it with the input from many people both in and outside of our industry. The following specifications for the stock are what we settled on:

        • Drop at comb - 1 1/2”
        • Drop at heel - 2 1/4”
        • Cast - 1/8”
        • Toe out - 3/16”
        • Length of pull - 14 1/4”

The above dimensions were not randomly settled on as we went through a number of adjustments in all areas. The length of pull was the sticky part as it will vary the most between shooters. We offer to custom cut this length and fit the pad to the stock for an additional charge.

Regarding the dimension this is some of the criteria and comments that went into it:

Drop at comb – This is critical as this controls position of the shooters eye’s horizontal position relative to the axis of the bore. How many times have you seen a woman just not be able to get her cheek correctly on the stock? Raising the comb to her level helps immeasurably.

Drop at heel – This is less important than the comb however by being close to parallel the perceived recoil is much less.

Cast – In spite of narrower shoulders we find that the distance between the eyes and narrower nose bridge that women require as much cast as most men.

Toe out – The angle of a woman’s shoulder is different than a man's (can you believe it took us a year to figure that out).  Women's shoulders move out a bit from top to bottom. This is one of the most common causes of bruising in new female shooters.

The end question for us was – Can women break clay or kill game with this stock?  - YES !!

Ithaca Featherlight closeup

The new Model 37® Featherlight® Ladies Gun features:

•A receiver that is machined from a single block of steel

•Solderless Barrel System : strongest, truest barrel of any shotgun

•A lengthened forcing cone to reduce recoil and shot deformation

•Crisp 4-6lb. trigger pull

•The classic game scene engraving

•Choke threads that are machined true and straight (Briley Chokes)

•Fancy black walnut stock and forend

The new Ithaca upland shotgun sets itself apart from the pack in this crucial way: It has absolutely no soldering or other heat-induced joints. Our Ithaca SBS (Solderless Barrel System) vent rib barrel is the straightest, strongest barrel you can get because it is entirely a machined component--that means the barrel has never warped from heat and it does not require any corrective straightening. The attachment of the vent rib to the barrel is accomplished with a single screw, allowing easy replacement. This approach to barrel making also allows us to use a better grade of steel than what is commonly found on shotguns.

Ithaca Featherlight closeup

Originally drawn by Bill McGraw--perhaps the most well known of the Ithaca Gun Company factory engravers--the game scene to the left has graced the sides of Model 37® receivers since Ithaca started producing the gun in 1937.

This game scene comes standard on all new Ithaca Featherlight® shotguns and is now precision machined to ensure uniform depth and position and a crisp overall appearance.

Ithaca Solderless Barrel System close-up

The Model 37 has gained the reputation of being an easy gun to handle and point, and its reliable bottom-eject action has long made it a favorite of both right and left handed shooters.

At the new Ithaca Gun Company, we have brought a previously unknown level of precision and strength to the venerable Ithaca pump gun.

See below for complete features and specifications. To find out more about how we make the M37, go to the manufacturing process page. And check out our detailed ad for the Model 37's HERE.

Order your new Ithaca Model 37 Ladies Gun at our online shopping cart site HERE or from any authorized dealer.

We ship new firearms only to valid FFL (Federal Firearms License) holders; if you need assistance locating a gun shop in your area to receive your new Ithaca and transfer it to you, please call us at 1.877.6ITHACA

Ladies Featherlight® Features ~ 20 gauge



3" Chamber (12 and 20 gauge only)

Shoot 2 3/4" or 3" shotshells

Solderless Barrel System (SBS) vent rib barrel available in 26", 28", and 30" lengths. See our manufacturing process page for more details.

Strong and straight

Lengthened Forcing Cone

Reduces recoil and shot deformation

(1) Truglo® front sight: Red

High visibility fiber optic sights

3 Briley choke tubes: full choke, modified (installed), and improved cylinder. Wrench included.

Steel shot capable; superior patterning

Matte blued steel receiver, barrel, and trigger group. Comes with standard classic game scene engraving.

Top radius of receiver is matte finished for aesthetic appeal and glare reduction

Gold-plated trigger

resists corrosion

Fancy black walnut semi-pistol butt stock

See below for stock specifications

Slim grip checkered forend in matching walnut

Comfortable shooting

Pachmayr 752 Decelerator® Recoil Pad ~ black

Chosen for its superior kick-reducing properties

5 shot capacity (4+1) with red safety follower and duck plug

maximum capacity while staying legal

Includes gun and owners manual.

Ithaca wants your upland gun to last a long time and be used safely

Featherlight® Specifications
Gauge Weight Length of Pull Drop at Comb Drop at Heel Cast Toe Out Overall Length
20 Gauge 6.8 Lbs 14.25" 1.5" 2.25" 1/8" 3/16" 45.6" with 26" barrel
47.6" with 28" barrel


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