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Ithaca Deerslayer 2

Ithaca Firearms

Ithaca Gun Company announces the release of the new venerable Model 1911. Manufactured 100% right here in the USA at our factory in Upper Sandusky, OH. We’ve applied the same quality principles that go into our shotguns to this outstanding firearm. Starting with the frame and slide that are hand lapped to an exacting fit for the owner who demands a precision firearm.

Visit the Ithaca 1911 page for details.

Ithaca Deerslayer 2
Deerslayer II

The main venue for many deer hunters is the woods, high up in a tree stand or pushing their game through the brush. The Deerslayer II is produced with this kind of sportsman in mind. Deadly accurate like its big brother the DSIII, the DSII is lighter, has a shorter barrel, and is equipped with open rifle sights. Visit the Deerslayer II page for details.

Ithaca Deerslayer 3
Deerslayer III

For those hunters who spend cold autumn mornings at the edge of a wide field scanning for bucks on the horizon, we offer the Deerslayer III. With its heavy-walled fluted barrel, this fine weapon sets a new standard for the long-range accuracy of slug guns. Visit our Deerslayer III page for details.

Ithaca Model 37 Defense Gun
Model 37® Defense Gun

The most affordable model in the Ithaca Gun family, the Model 37® Defense Gun. With its low price and Ithaca quality anyone can own an Ithaca Gun! Visit the Model 37 Defense Gun page for details.

Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight
Model 37 Featherlight®

The Model 37® began winning over shooters seventy years ago with its reliability, easy handling, and simple good looks. Our M37 retains everything shooters love about this classic gun and adds the new Solderless Barrel System. Visit our Featherlight page for details.

Model 37 with Ladies Stock
Model 37® Ladies Stock

The Model 37 Featherlight® with Ladies Stocks features a unique drop of comb, drop of heel, cast pitch, and toe out. Since this stock is designed for women shooters, the ergonomics make it comfortable and well fitting for women. Check it out HERE.

Turkey Slayer in Camo Finish
Model 37® Trap Model

The Trap Model holds all the features as the traditional Model 37 with the exception that it comes with a Monte Carlo style stock. This stock can also come with an adjustable comb. Check it out HERE.

Turkey Slayer in Camo Finish
Model 37 Turkey Slayer®

You spend hours sitting and calling that first Tom on opening day and he won't come any closer than 50 yards. Not to worry with the Ithaca Turkey Slayer®, you can take the shot. Read all about it at our Turkeyslayer page HERE.

Ithaca Waterfowl Model
Model 37® Waterfowl

Whether sitting in a boat or blind, the Ithaca M37 Waterfowl provides durable protection from the elements. Ithaca's Perma-Guard finish will withstand environmental issues due to moisture. Check it out HERE.

Model 37® - 28 Gauge

The Model 37® - 28 Gauge, available by special order only and built on its own exclusive frame with either 26" or 28" barrel lengths. Check it out HERE.

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