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Ithaca Model 37® Standard Game Scene Engraving

Originally drawn by Bill McGraw--perhaps the most well known of the Ithaca Gun Company factory engravers--the game scene below has graced the sides of Model 37 receivers since Ithaca started producing the gun in 1937. In New York, a roll stamp was used to press the design into the metal for the sake of manufacturing efficiency, even though the results tended to be a bit faint on the edges and the positioning from piece to piece was inconsistent. The game scene comes standard on all new Ithaca Featherlight shotguns and is now precision machined to ensure uniform depth and position and a crisp overall appearance. For more on how we make guns, visit the manufacturing process page.


Ithaca Model 37 game scene engraving bird side

Ithaca Model 37 game scene engraving dog side

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