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Ithaca Factory Parts

Ithaca Solderless Barrel System (patent pending) As a company, we take the high road with respect to the quality of our new firearms. All of the gun components that we manufacture are precisely machined and then inspected to ensure superior fit and reliability.

Over 2 million Ithaca guns are already in the field; many of the Ithacas made in New York are excellent firearms, but they were fitted together by filing, sanding, and other hand work that yields inconsistencies from gun to gun.

This lack of consistency in older Ithaca firearms means that our new parts will often have to be at least slightly modified to fit your gun. Therefore, we recommend sending your gun to us for factory service. Call us at 419-294-4113 to talk to our service department about having your gun repaired, or write to Service issues are resolved more quickly on the phone than via email, so please include your phone number and the best time of day to call you in your message.

jewelled slide for the Ithaca Model 37


Parts are available for the Ithaca Model 37®.

We advise that all parts purchased from our inventory be installed by a qualified gunsmith, preferably one well-versed in the functioning of Ithaca firearms. Please consider the advantages of sending your gun to us for Ithaca factory repairs. If you are in need of parts and/or service for your Ithaca, the best first step is to call us and talk to the parts and service manager.

Call us at 419.294.4113

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