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location of serial number on Ithaca MOdel 37 receiverIthaca Gun Company Serial Numbers

For those of you with questions about your gun's serial number we recently received permission from Walt Snyder to publish on our website the serial number listing for Ithaca guns taken from his 2 books, "ITHACA Featherlight Repeaters: The Best Gun Going: A Complete History of the ITHACA MODEL 37 and the MODEL 87" which we sell HERE and the other, "Ithaca Gun Company from the Beginning", which can be purchased HERE.

Walt has generously permitted us to provide this list and you can view the PDF by clicking here. Keep in mind that Walt does have copyright on these materials so no information provided may be copied or distributed in any way with out his express, written permission. Also, keep in mind that there is much, much more in Walts books that any Ithaca Gun enthusiast would find of great interest and the books are well worth their purchase price for the wealth of information they provide. Highly recommended!

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