Ithaca Stakeout II, Pistol Grip Firearm


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Ithaca Stakeout II, Pistol Grip Firearm


The Ithaca Stakeout II is based on the original Model 37 design with Classic Beautiful Black Walnut Furniture. The grip is designed to mimic the Classic Trench Gun only shorter while providing a stable platform for shooting. Available in both 20 and 12.

Classification of the Ithaca Stakeout II

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives has confirmed the Ithaca FTG as a “firearm” per the Gun Control Act (GCA), but not a Class 3/NFA firearm. Click Here to Review a copy of the Letter Received from the ATF

NOTE: This letter only speaks to its FEDERAL status. There could be local/state laws that prohibit the sale of this gun in your state. Consult your State Police for clarification.  Just as with any other pistol grip firearm, the buyer must be 21 years of age, and be a resident of the state where s/he is purchasing it.

  • 14″ Chrome Moly Barrel
  • Black American Walnut Grip with Ringtail Forend
  • Overall Length 26 3/4″
  • ATF Ruling
  • Classic Ithaca Design
  • Available in either Plain or Patriotic Finish


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12 Gauge, 20 Gauge

Style of Finish

Plain, Patriot