Solderless Barrel System

Because soldering warps the barrel and solder joints can fail, we have entirely eliminated soldering and brazing from the manufacture of Ithaca firearms. All peripheral components of the barrel are now held fast by lugs which are machined directly out of the parent material of the barrel. Our Solderless Barrel System is simply the truest, strongest barrel you will ever shoot, because its integrity has not been compromised by red-hot temperatures.

There are nearly two million Ithaca Model 37s already in the field, and many of their owners would like to outfit them with a new barrel. Just how that aim is achieved depends on the serial number of your gun.

Model 37® firearms with a serial number below 855,000 have barrels that are removeable but not interchangeable with our currently manufactured barrels.

If your M37 was made before the 855,000 mark (which occurred in 1963), we will be able to furnish you with a replacement barrel for it, but you must send your gun to us for the barrel to be fitted. The process includes machine removal of existing threads, insertion of adapter and re-threading of receiver and re-bluing. Please note that once this is completed you will not be able to reuse your old barrel. The cost for this process is $750.00 which includes barrel and rebluing.

Model 37s® with a serial number above 855,000 have interchangeable barrels (except for some Deerslayers), but often still require some custom fitting by our gunsmiths.

The thread pattern that we utilize on our interchangeable barrel field guns is the same pattern that was used by Ithaca in New York after 1963. However, Ithaca in New York used manufacturing methods that created differences between their firearms that made their barrels less than truly interchangeable. So, while some of our barrels may fit post-1963 guns off the shelf, others will require at least minor modifications to fit correctly. You may send your gun to us for the barrel head spacing to be checked and tested, and there is no additional charge for this service, or have your local gunsmith perform this fitting.

Ithaca barrels are available in the following styles:

Upland Shotgun Barrels

•12 gauge M37 vent rib barrel in 26″ and 28″ lengths.

•12 gauge M37 field barrel with brass bead sight in 26″ and 28″ lengths.

•12 gauge M37 vent rib barrel in 30″lengths.

•20 gauge M37 vent rib barrel in 26″ and 28″ lengths.

•20 gauge M37 field barrel with brass bead sight in 26″ and 28″ lengths.

Briley Choke System for above – (Full, Modified, Improved)

Rifled Barrels

•12 gauge Deerslayer barrel rifled 1:28 in 24″ lengths.

•20 gauge Deerslayer barrel rifled 1:24 in 24″ lengths.

* Send requests to: and include serial number.