1883~William Henry Baker and partners go into business as Ithaca Gun Company, start making side by side shotguns

1937~The John Browning designed Model 37® is put into production at Ithaca

1967~Ithaca Gun Company is sold to what will become General Recreation, Inc.

1987~Ithaca Acquisition, Inc. moves gunmaking operations to King Ferry, NY. Changes name of Model 37® to Model 87.

1996~Ithaca Gun Company, LLC changes name of the Ithaca pump gun back to Model 37®

2005~Ithaca Guns USA, LLC of Upper Sandusky, OH purchases Ithaca Gun’s assets, starts M37 production

2007~Ithaca Gun Company acquires the assets of Ithaca Guns USA, LLC and continues moving forward in Ohio, bringing modern techniques and ideas to gunmaking

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